Why a timeline for your wedding is key!

As a photographer, it is crucial, that I have a timeline for any event. I want to make sure that I get everything that the client is asking for plus what I I need to capture to make an album or video complete, such as, scenic and detail shots. To kick off my year as a photographer in 2017, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the most organized couples, Aubrie and Jeremy! It made for a fun and most importantly, stress free wedding.  I had asked them to share with future brides why a timeline is so important and how they organized their thoughts into their timeline! This is how you don’t sweat the small stuff! […]

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Best of 2017 Engagement Sessions

2017 has been a year to remember! Don't you agree? I'm always so amazed how fast the year flies by us, but the best part about my job is I can freeze time and help create a life long visual memory of where any couple is about to start the rest of their lives together. So, come take a scroll with me and lets look at what this year blessed my camera lense with!     Frances and Travis had their engagement session in Washington D.C in the rain, and it was just perfect! Even with grey skies , you can see love shine much brighter than the sun. Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date? Travis: Zoo lights at the Washington Zoo on December 19th, then a walk to dupont circle. Frances: We did meet up in Dupont for Zoo Lights. It was bitterly cold and I was wearing these ridiculous oversized fluffy earmuffs. I couldn’t hear him when I wore them and when I took them off my ears went numb. I recall talking his ear off about my favorite books and giving him detailed descriptions of Stephen King’s career. And yet, he didn’t run away. See Frances and [...]

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2017 Best Family Photos

2017 Best Family Photos Family shots are timeless, this year we were blessed to have captured even more!! Here are the Best Family Sessions of 2017: Pereira Family The Pereira Family strikes again! This time with their newest edition Beethoven! He is a pincher dog, and he came from Brazil, as a gift from a friends. He’s 4 years old now, and the family absolute adores adores him. […]

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Best Tips on How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

Best Tips on How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer When planning your wedding, it is very important not to forget hiring a professional photographer. Be picky, be diligent and ask questions! Remember, this photographer  will be capturing your love, your memories and your story on this beautiful day! While, of course, the couple is the MOST important thing on a wedding day, it is vital to have memories and photographs that you and your spouse can physically look back on and even share with future generations after the wedding day is over. Also, the human eye can overlook intricate details during a generally chaotic day: Your mother beaming at you with pride, your groom shedding a tear as you walk down the aisle… these are candid and very intimate moments that only a photographer can capture forever! These are the Best Tips on How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer!   The rest of Aubrie + Jeremy’s wedding was beautiful, click here to see the rest of their wedding photos at The Lodge at Little Seneca Creek, captured by us! Preliminary Background Questions to Ask Your Photographer Do you have Availability on my wedding day? Will you be shooting it alone [...]

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Professional Photographers of America Magazine Feature

Professional Photographers of America Magazine Feature Professional Photographers of America Magazine Feature We are truly excited and honored to announce that Daysy Film & Photo has been featured in the March 2018 issue of Professional Photographers of America Magazine (PPA). We have been members of PPA, and a local branch called MPPA (Maryland Professional Photographers of America) for quite awhile! Professional Photographers of America Magazine Feature We became photographers because we always wanted to run our own business and still love our job, we luckily achieved both of those goals with photography! For a photographer, one of the most proud moments is when people look forward to your input and trust your vision. With the help of PPA, we can continue to elevate our skill set in photography and business! […]

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2017 Best Wedding Couple Photos

 2017 Best Wedding Couple Photos We have shot some beautiful weddings in the past. 2017 brought us even more lovely couples to capture on this life changing day. All weddings are equally unique and beautiful, but here are the 2017  Best Wedding Couple Photos! Ester + Eslei This charming couple got married in a gorgeous mansion, the setting was the perfect place for their fairytale love story! Chic wedding alert!! Venue:  Glenview Mansion in Rockville, MD. 2017 Best Wedding Couple Photos See the rest of this gorgeous couple’s wedding photos here! […]

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