Vintage and Boho Inspired Destination Wedding in SanaView Farms, Champion, PA ~ Ashley & Britton

Ashley and Britton were blessed by heaven with a beautiful day to celebrate their union at Sanaview Farms in Champion, PA. This farm style brought a vintage and boho touch for the wedding. Ashley said that they did not follow any color palette, but all the mishmash and creative details created a super sweet way of running vintage essence through their wedding decor combined with the beautiful scenario. Ashley and Britton chose to tell their fairy tale along the entire day by choosing to connect meaningful moments of their relationship through the little details in the decor. Since the table numbers with special meaning until the cute skylight balloon idea to remember the proposal. The proposal story happened during a trip to a hot air balloon festival in New Mexico. So, nothing more fitting than bringing some skylight balloons for their special day. Get inspired by this beautiful couple’s love story! Check out the highlights of Julia and Jeff wedding day, along with their interview.   VIDEO   Ashley and Britton from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo. […]

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Right-swiped Love Story! Green Spring Gardens Park – Alexandria, VA ~ Camila + Tom

This is the story of a right-swiped love! Camila is Brazilian and met Tom on Bumble app. Even though it could be a modern way to meet the love of your life, they describe themselves as a traditional couple. They love sports, music, and parties, but also make plans on having children soon. He proposed to her in Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom event in 2018 and now they are planning a beautiful wedding with a lot of the Brazilian and American culture. This gorgeous couple has chosen Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, a romantic and breathtaking island for their honeymoon to complete this fairy tale. Check out their engagement session at Green Spring Gardens Park – Alexandria, VA and their lovely interview. […]

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Vote Daysy Film & Photo. Best of the Best, The Frederick News-Post 2018

This year, Daysy Film & Photo has been nominated to The Frederick News-Post Best of the Best 2018 competition and we would love your support!  A quick vote means a lot to us and it is just going to take you 30 seconds. Vote for the Best Photographer here Find us under the category: PEOPLE > BEST PHOTOGRAPHER. It was also a honor, to be featured nationwide at the Professional Photographers of America Magazine, in the March 2018 issue! Special thanks to our amazing french model, Jehanne de Champvallon! Merci! While each of our photographers brings a different perspective and experience to the team, our style is bold and romantic with an emphasis on a naturally posed editorial approach. We love to quietly document those intimate, candid moments. We swoon over styled portraits that are gracefully posed with phenomenal lighting. Our experience and expertise allow us to use and create any type of lighting for remarkable images that tell the entire story of your wedding day. Vote for the Best Photographer here Vote for the Best Photographer here Vote for the Best Photographer here    Best of the Best Photographer, Vote today! from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.   Your vote is very important and [...]

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Bridesmaid and Groomsman will get married, Surreybrooke, Middletown, MD ~ Erin + Mike

They were paired to walk on the aisle together. Erin was the bridesmaid of her close girl friend who was getting married to Mike’s brother. After that, you can imagine how special this love story is. Surrounding by flowers and nature Erin and Mike chose Surreybrooke in Middletown, MD to shoot their engagement photos. A romantic atmosphere which fit perfectly their personalities.  They love going out for dinner with endless themes to talk about, spending moments with their families, and walking with their dogs. Everything in this love story is so romantic and special that makes us want to fall in love too. Check out this lovely session followed by their interview. How did you meet? Mike’s brother married a close girl friend of mine. I had the honor of being her bridesmaid, and Mike was his brother’s groomsman. Ironically enough, we were paired up to walk down the aisle together. Our wedding will be the second wedding that we walk down the aisle together only this time as bride and groom! Where did you go for your 1st date? He picked me up and when I got in the car, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for [...]

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A story about love and overcoming, Baker Park, Frederick, MD ~ Kristen + Donald

Love is a blessing, and it can be shown through simple things. Sometimes, it can also be tested with hardships life can present you with. Kristen and Don had passed all these tests together! Donald had the engagement ring at home for a couple weeks. He was trying to find the perfect moment to propose Kristen and, in between some attempts, Donald saw the perfect opportunity in a simple moment such as a daily life chore. Kristen is a cancer survivor. Now, cancer free, they are planning their wedding for this upcoming August and exciting times await to shine on the life of these beautiful souls! Read more about their story about love and overcoming, followed by their stunning session. How did you meet? We met online on a dating website. I think I ‘liked” his picture first and then he followed. But he was the first person to send me a message. We talked for a short period of time before we decided to meet up at Baker Park in Frederick. We sat on a bench and talked for 2 hours, the rest is history. Where did you go for your 1st date? I made the suggestion to go [...]

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A love from South Africa to the US, Downtown Baltimore Engagement Session ~ Casi + Jason

“Hurry boy, she’s waiting there for you” and like Toto says, Casi was waiting here for Jason. They met each other during Jason’s visit from South Africa, but it took them around a year until they finally start dating. He describes her beautiful and fun, and she describes him as genuine and adventuresome. Those qualities combined makes possible to understand their perfect sync with each other. Check out Casi and Jason interview, along with their session. We can't wait for their Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa wedding, coming up this fall!! How did you meet? Jason was staying at an Airbnb while in Baltimore for work from South Africa. The Airbnb host is a good friend of Casi's so our paths crossed on and off for about a year before we started seeing each other. When you saw her, SHE seemed... Beautiful and fun!   When you saw him, HE seemed... Genuine and Adventuresome   Where did you go for your 1st date? We met at a pub in the neighborhood, Silks, to watch a Ravens game.   How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years? Still in love and living life to the [...]

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Disney and Star Wars themed wedding, Linganore Winecellars, Mount Airy, MD ~ Julia + Jeff

“This is a new day, a new beginning.” – Ahsoka Tano Another page on Julia and Jeff’s fairy tale was written on May 4th, a date specially chosen by them. They LOVE Star Wars and Disney, so what would be more fitting than tying the knot on Star Wars Day?  Linganore Winecellars was the venue this couple chose to celebrate their union. Their love for this “magical world” didn’t stop there. They carefully chose the Disney and Star Wars elements for this special day to reflect their enthusiastic and vibrating style, and through a short, and simple ceremony that provided a fun and comfortable wedding to their family and friends. Check out the highlights of Julia and Jeff wedding day, along with their interview. The force will be with you, Always! Attention: if you were a guest at this event, please visit the private gallery on this link.  Julia and Jeff Wedding Highlights from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.     Top 3 tips for future brides: Your day will fly by. Everyone will tell you this, and they are not exaggerating. Do the best you can to pause throughout the night and soak it up. Schedule as [...]

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30 years graduation journey, Salisbury University, Hagerstown Campus – Tracey Beale

“Never give up because giving up is giving up on yourself” Tracey Beale words when she was asked for a piece of advice at the end of this motivating interview. Tracey understands the value of education and now inspires everyone by her amazing story. She confronted all the difficulties she found during three decades until she proudly achieves her degree in Arts Social Work at Salisbury University. Her husband and daughters support was essential to give Tracey the motivation and power she needed to keep going on fulfilling her dream. She concluded an important part of her life, but amazing memories and good friends will always be with her. Get some inspiration by Tracey Graduation Session, along with her interview. […]

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Playground Engagement Session at Baker Park, Frederick MD – Michelle and Patrick

Michelle almost gave up going to that Super Bowl party. Patrick wasn't so excited about joining the party, but at the last minute, he thought "why not" and off he went. And that is how Michelle and Patrick met! This lovely couple, now engaged, were referred to us thru Patrick's grandfather, who used to be a wedding photographer and is part of our MDPPA chapter (Maryland Professional Photographers of America). For that, Les Henig, we have to thank you! What a beautiful gift of meeting these two amazing souls you have shared with us! We are so excited for their wedding The Mansion at the Valley Country Club, this upcoming August! Check out their beautiful engagement session and love story interview below.  How did you meet?  Michelle: We meet at a Super Bowl Party. We joke now that we both thought about not going to the party, but it just happened to be one of the best decision I ever made. Patrick: Michelle sums this one up nicely. I was working with a friend that night and she casually mentioned there was a party at an acquaintance we both knew. I almost didn’t go but said “why not” and decided to go. Now [...]

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